A Dark Romance- Engagement Photo Shoot

News, Styled Shoot, Weddings March 13, 2016

Here at Garden Party Flowers, we are always looking forward to working with creative photographers and couples who have unique sense of style. This February, we had the pleasure of collaborating with photographer Kirill Bordon again, on a very special engagement photo shoot.

If you are a lover of darker palettes, you can surely appreciate the sultry and retro colours of this shoot- from the black leather to maroon coloured roses, they all harmoniously complement the couple’s sense of style.

Anastasia Couple Shot
Anastasia Couple Shot
Anastasia Couple Shot
Anastasia Couple Shot
Anastasia Bridal Bouquet

To complement the couple’s dark and retro style, the bouquet consists of mostly burgundy coloured flowers- Black Magic Roses, Red Skimmias, Burgundy Agonis and Safari Sunset Leucadendrons. To contrast the dark backdrop, white accent flowers were added in the bouquet- White Anemone and Scabiosas.

Bridal Bouquet and Maurelle Calligraphy
Photographer: Kirill Bordon
Make up: Jasmine Hoffman
Calligraphy: Maurelle’s Calligraphy