DIY Summer Lush Arrangement

Classes, Feature Flower, How-to, News June 13, 2014

Walking around the city lately, I have enjoyed peeking in neighbour’s gardens and taking in the sweet summer fragrance. Why not explore your own garden and bring some of the outside in? It’s easy! Here’s how.

Many of the flowers in this arrangement have come from my own garden. I couldn’t resist clipping these dainty Camomile blooms, Solomon’s Seal, flowering Smoketree, and seeded Japanese Maple! There’s something charming about a wild looking bouquet. It’s not perfect by any means, but it has personality. And that’s what I’m all about!

You will need a container with water, some sharp clippers, chicken wire (or using scotch tape, create a grid over the mouth of your container), 3 large flowers (peonies, roses, dahlias), 3 filler flowers (spray roses, foxglove, snapdragon) and 3 types of greenery (one tall and structural, one bushy, and one interesting for texture).

Step 1: Scrunch your chicken wire into a domed shape, and place inside your container. Angle a large floral stem so the flower falls over the edge of the container.

Step 2: Add another stem of your large flower to the same area as the first. Layer the flower so it acts like an “umbrella” over the first.

Step 3: Create your shape. Try to create an elongated triangle with structural greenery.

Step 4: After the shape has been established, begin adding in your filler blooms.

Step 5: Give it a haircut. If your filler flowers are looking too chunky, trim off any blooms that appear to be restricted. This will create a lush and free flowing look.

Step 6: Rotate your arrangement, and check for any holes or empty spaces. I think something is missing here. We need a filler flower to tie the coral peonies to the orange centres of our yellow peonies.

Step 7: This tulip is a perfect match to marry the coral and yellow peonies. A blender is a neutral coloured flower that ties together flowers in your bouquet.

Step 8: And finally, rotate your arrangement, and check for any holes or leaves that need trimming. Look from all angles, or even snap a photo to see where additional florals are required.

Step 9: Finished! Place on your table, fill with water, and enjoy.

We would love to see your creations! Please email us photos of your own DIY Summer Lush masterpiece!

If you have any requests for a How-To blog post, email us! We will try to accommodate your ideas.

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