Interesting Request – Skull of Flowers

Interesting Requests, News December 20, 2009

A few days ago we got an interesting request from our client.

Here is a transcript of our phone conversation.

Me: Hi good afternoon Garden Party Flowers.
Client: Hi, I want to send my good friend flowers.
Me: Sure no problem, do you have a style or colour preference?
Client: Can you make me a skull?
After a few seconds of silence…
Me: Sure, would you like photo’s of the design before we deliver it and a paperless invoice to your email?
Client: Really? That would be awesome!

Amy spent the next two hours designing and sculpting a skull.

Making a skull

I was laughing so hard the whole time she was making it because it looked more and more real every time I looked over.  After she finished, We had to deliver to Stella’s on cambie street where the recipient was celebrating his birthday. When we arrived, his jaw dropped and couldn’t believe what he was getting.  He loved it and so did random people at the restaurant coming to check it out.

Happy Birthday Skull

Here are a few more angles of the skull we took at the store before delivering:




Interesting Requests, News December 16, 2009

Garden Party, DDB Vancouver and many other organizations coming together last night for a fun and successful auction benefiting the Streetohome and James Lee Foundations.

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