Looking Good for Christmas

Interesting Requests, News December 16, 2011

So you have your annual office Christmas party and you dread the thought of putting on that knitted Santa sweater with the battery operated twinkling lights you keep hidden under your bed. You look in your closet, and nothing in the red and green palette is to be found. What do you do? Well here at Garden Party Flowers we have the solution for you. A few weeks ago we blogged about floral jewelry, and now we have the holiday hair pieces to match! Using an old headband, plain hair clips, wire, some hot glue and floral elements, I created these festive, yet classy holiday accessories.



The above hair clip was made using blue thistle, dusty miller leaves, silver brunia, a mossy twig and some white yarn. This option is great if you love silver!



This headband used to be white! I used india ink to paint it black and then used white yarn, blue thistle, silver protea leaf loops, red ilex berries, rose hips and a mossy twig to make this rustic head piece. This option is great if you want to wear you hair down. It is very bold and will not be lost in a crowd!


For my last hair piece, I choose a more traditional colour palette. I used silver brunia, rose hips and a single blue thistle for that cool greenish-blue accent. This would match perfectly with gold or red, now all you are missing is a glass of egg nog (spiked with the best rum or whiskey, of course)!

And of course, you need to see these lovely accessories in action! Thanks to our very own Nicola Adam for being such a lovely and gracious hair model.




Happy Holidays to everyone out there!

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

Interesting Requests, News December 9, 2011

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