Something in the Air

Feature Flower, News November 10, 2011

We’ve been loving air plants around these parts of late, and have been finding all kinds of unique and wonderful ways to use them. Their muted grey-green leaves, miniscule size and interesting texture make them the perfect specimen to enliven any arrangement.

What makes these plants so special? The Tillandsia species is able to survive without soil, absorbing moisture and nutrients through its leaves. Just give them a good soaking every week and they’re good to go. Rootless wonders indeed.

We’ve had a quite a few requests for terrariums lately, and we really do like designing these miniature ecosystems. They are a fantastic and long-lasting way to say ‘thank you’, ‘happy birthday’ or simply, ‘thinking of you.’  We hope you like them too.

Behind the Scenes-Auction Day!

Feature Flower, News November 3, 2011

Behind the scenes on auction day, see us in action!

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