On Location Wedding Weekend

Events, How-to, News, Weddings, Why Choose Us July 15, 2014

There’s something extra special and exciting about setting up a wedding. This past weekend, Amy and I tackled two wedding setups (out of the 4 weddings we designed) which required on-site designers. The first wedding on Saturday was for the nuptials of Stephanie and Chase, held at Brix Restaurant in Yaletown. Stephanie’s vision for her wedding was natural, lush, and full of vibrant greenery. So very West Coast.

Each of the tables featured several Passiaflora Vines specially imported from Holland, intertwined with seeded and feathered Eucalyptus sprigs. Because of the fragile nature of these unique vines, we needed to assemble the garlands just hours before the guests arrived. Working as a team, myself, Amy and Yuna divided and conquered. To achieve this casually elegant table scape, we carefully attached water vials, moss, and eucalyptus to the delicate Passiaflora Vine.

As we continued continued to set up, the Bride and Grooms’ friends and family organized the place cards, each handwritten and tied lovingly to a sprig of Organic Rosemary grown by Jenny of the GPF Team. In the hustle and bustle, I popped outside in the blazing afternoon sun to fetch some scissors from the car, and as I returned to the dining area, I was immediately halted by the pleasant and welcoming scent of Eucalyptus and Rosemary. I love the use of fragrant flowers and foliage in any wedding. They say your sense of smell is directly related to memories, and what better way to mark your special day.

After the table garlands were complete, we added bottles and jars of with single stems of Dahlia, Phlox, Astilbe, and Jasmine.

It was lovely to meet everyone who pitched in, thank you for all of your help in making Saturday a knockout! Congratulations Stephanie and Chase!

The second wedding was held in the park adjacent to The Royal Vancouver Yacht Club. It was the long awaited wedding of our friends Agnes and Davy. It was peaking 30 degrees in the sun, as we arrived to the gorgeous location. Amy and I were decorating a birch wood arch on site.

This was a wedding with a twist; the Bride did not plan her own dress, florals, location, or decor! It was all done with loving care by her husband Davy. He hit the nail on the head with guidance from her Pinterest account. Setting up on location in the sun went smoothly, but Amy and I were prepared for it. We packed buckets of extra flowers, watering cans, spray bottles, water, and of course sunscreen! Below is a closeup of the arch decor, and a photo of the arch alone just minutes before the Bride walked down the aisle.

The set up was beautiful, and we managed to make friends with this little rugrat. Peek-a-Boo!


Before we packed up and left the beach, I snapped a quick picture of the Bride’s sisters, who were the Bridesmaids. I loved their dresses! But they loved their bouquets even more!

Congratulations Ag and Davy!

This weekend was a wonderful experience. As I learn more about the culture of weddings, I have a recurring realization. Weddings are about people. Not just the Bride and Groom, but the people who pull together to make it happen. I have witnessed the efforts of the family, friends, vendors, and planners. I am continually impressed with the dedicated workers of the industry who take ownership of the day, and take it upon themselves to solve any issues that may arise, alleviating the clients from any unnecessary stress. I have not been on site for many wedding set ups, but since joining the Garden Party Team, I have experienced first hand how being present at the venue can influence the day. Bring positive energy, and beautiful flowers, the day is bound to be a success!


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