Repurposing Unique Containers

How-to, News November 28, 2013

Using inventive recycling and upcycling methods, you can transform an old container into a beautiful vase that adds a unique environmental touch to your home decor.

Here are 4 examples of how we’ve repurposed containers to make beautiful floral arrangements.

Have a photo frame but lost the front glass? Give it a makeover and transform it into a unique vase for lovely peach roses and hydrangea.

A broken tea cup and teapot with a missing lid make for a perfect home for beautiful flowers. Place some peach Juliet Garden Roses in the tea pot and instantly create a romantic atmosphere in your living room.

Get creative and have fun while seeing the possibilities of an empty bottle. We extended the life of this bottle by creating a Terrarium using moss and coloured sand.

Bringing the outside in

How-to, News November 20, 2013

Even though it’s winter outside, you can still make it feel like spring inside by adding a little green.

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