Special Delivery from Holland!

Feature Flower, News May 16, 2014

Happy Friday! What a gorgeous time of year. The Vancouver sun is shining high in the sky, and the air smells sweet like summer! Here are some teaser pics of what we have in the studio this week from abroad!

These real life Dr. Seuss stems are called Pulsatilla Anemone.

…and a closer view. The amazing feathers of these Anemone remind us of Dandelions!

We are so lucky to have access to the world’s best flower farms.

And for something very different and striking…Passionflower vine from expert Dutch growers.

These amazing flowers don’t look like much as buds, but they open up to reveal a shockingly complex display, yellow contorted anthers surrounded by tiny purple petals.

Check in tomorrow for a post featuring all of these beauties PLUS local peonies. Have a fantastic long weekend.

Mother's Day 2014 - Sunday, May 11th

Feature Flower, News May 5, 2014

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