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Blooms as Sweet as Mom

May 03, 2023


Mother’s Day is just around the corner. If you haven’t already, mark Sunday May 14th on your calendar. While there is no adequate way to thank moms, for their tireless devotion, flowers are a good place to start. Making your mom, grandma, aunt, step-mom or any maternal figure feel appreciated will set you up for another year on the receiving end of all they have to give. 

May in Vancouver offers some of the most beautiful local blooms so our florists are spoiled for choices when it comes to designing arrangements for Mother’s Day. Lilacs have a short blooming season and this is it. It’s the perfect time to add that distinguishable scent and rich purples to your bouquet. Peonies are a fan favourite. We get inundated with requests for peonies early every year and are lucky to have some incredible growers around the Lower Mainland supplying Vancouver florists with plentiful peonies. Some say peonies bring good luck and we’d agree. Pairing vibrant pink peonies and with delicate roses, full hydrangeas and deep coloured lilacs makes a beautiful, long lasting spring arrangement. Ranunculus are also a popular bloom this time of year. Their short blooming window makes them highly desirable especially for spring weddings. Ranunculus are elegant, long-lasting flowers making them some of our favourites. 

Don’t rely on your memory or our inventory - order ahead

Some of our most popular arrangements this Mother’s Day are: 


Our Mother's Day Designer's Choice Bouquet - this bouquet is designed using mostly local seasonal blooms! It’s a light & bright design with a variety of fragrant flowers in spring tones. Those who chose this product have a better chance of receiving some beautiful lilac stems! 

Our Pastel Designer's Choice Arrangement - lovely pastel seasonal blooms designed in a vase. Light pink, peach, mauve and creamy yellow blooms with a hint of ivory and white florals make this a soft, feminine pick. 

Our Ranunculus Bouquet - choose from 6 stems up to a luxurious 24 stems. The bouquet is mixed with lush greenery like eucalyptus.

Our Peony Bouquet - Choose from 6-12  stems of lucious peonies. The bouquet is mixed with lush greenery like eucalyptus.

See the whole Mother’s Day collection.


Ordering ahead will ensure your bouquet makes it to mom on time and you’re not sitting at brunch frantically ordering flowers from your phone. If the special caregiver in your life has a favourite colour or flower please feel free to make a note of it and our expert designers will ensure she gets an arrangement that suits her style. If you have no idea, that’s not a problem. We have a good idea of what will make someone smile and can design something that’s sure to delight. 

While you’re at it, why not make a brunch reservation so you’re not asking mom to line up on her special day. Here are some suggested Vancouver Restaurants With Special Menus For Mother’s Day.

The juggle of being a mom and a florist  

Genevieve Blondin is the owner of Garden Party Flowers and also, mom to her toddler daughter. VITA Daily interviewed her to find out what goes into the perfect Mother’s Day bouquet, if she takes the day off and what’s the big deal about peonies anyways? Read the interview 

Put it in a vase 

If you really want to give mom a break this Mother’s Day, save her a few minutes finding that old vase from the top shelf. Gift her an arrangement in a vase. This little gesture won’t go unnoticed.  

Mom really does deserve to feel spoiled this year. If you’re not sure what to order, send us an email and one of our top floral designers can offer some advice. Whatever you do, don’t forget the card!