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Candles & Centerpieces

September 24, 2010


Romantic table setting tips can come in handy in various ways- not just for couples!


Many of us often draw a blank when we are hosting dinners or gathering events either at our own homes or at other venues. This blog will provide creative and helpful tips for prepping tables.

For birthday celebrations (big or small), you can include the birthday boy or girl’s favorite color or flower as your central theme for decoration. Some masculine floral elements can include horsetails, artichoke, anthuriums, cymbidiums, gerberas, and large leaves. Feminine elements encompass roses, gerberas, calla lilies, lilies, monkey grass, and orchids. You could try putting the cut flowers not as a bunch but single-stemmed in individual vases that are no higher than 3-4 inches. Then, place them in any shape or (you can spell out something too). The key to a clean yet eye-catching decor is to have one theme of color that pops out in a room and having multiple can guide the eye- creating visual rhythm. This kind of centerpieces do not require height, so small and lower containers will do the trick!

For romantic dinners, candles usually stand alone. For creativity’s sake, you could try to get floating candles and place them in a vase filled with water and put some ornamental rocks at the bottom with your favorite flower submerged in between. This will also save you space on the table for more dishes! Instead of having a giant centerpiece that gets in the way, it is also fine to experiment a more modern form- a flat row of flowers (like the image above with pink roses in a white vase). As well, since romantic dinners can be both elaborate and basic, I would suggest using calla lilies as a starting point and here’s why: calla lilies are elegant looking and have many shades to layer with. If you want it to look fancy, just add greenery and flowers of your choice. If you want simple, a tall, clear vase would suffice and all you need to do is gently stroke the stem of the calla lily to lean the way you want.

For your regular living room decor, you might consider having orange-red-brown themed centerpieces as it is now fall season, and those colors will reflect a warm tone- giving you a cozy home ambience. If you room is not suitable for dark colors, green is a timeless choice for pairing your favorite in-season flower.

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Tell us what you want to learn from us by commenting below, and we will post it in our next blog!

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Boho-Themed Bouquet For Summer Photoshoot

Boho-Themed Bouquet For Summer Photoshoot

August 22, 2020

We were recently given the opportunity to design a stunning 'Boho-themed' hand tied bouquet for one of Abbotsford's local photographers, Sandy Sekhon's summer shoot! This bouquet was made to feel simple and light, filled with movement and bright tones. The finished product is beyond gorgeous, and we are so proud...