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DIY Boutonniere – Purple Delphinium

DIY Boutonniere – Purple Delphinium

July 01, 2011



Everyday we are designing boutonnières for a variety of occasions such as weddings, graduations, retirement parties, and proms.

Lavender and especially PURPLE have been a very popular wedding colour theme. However, there are not many purple flowers.

Today, we would like to demostrate how to make a chic, modern, and summery boutonniere out of blue delphinium flowers which compliment the purple wedding theme.

Step one:

Pick the perfect bloom. The one that just blossoms and has no spots nor broken petals on them.


Step two:

Pierce the stems with a floral wire and bend it half.



Step 3:

Waterwrap the bottom stem of the flower with a piece of thin wet paper towel. Please make sure it’s not too thin nor too wet that it drips.


Step 4:

Start to tape the stems from the very top. Using the twist, turn, and pull strategy.


How to wire a boutonniere

Step 5:

Pierce a dusty miller and band the wire. Get ready for taping!


Step 6:

Water package the bottom of the stem as well.



Step 7:

Tape the dusty miller from the top of the stem. Using the Twist, Turn, and Pull stategy to finish taping until the end of the wire.

Step 8:

Take a stem of Lavender and dusty miller, then place them nicely together. Wrap them all together tightly.




Many florists stop the design right here, but not Garden Party Flowers! We have few more steps to go to make our boutonniere different and unique!

Step 9:

Find a way to hide the green tape.
One suggestion is to cut a piece of green horsetail about 2″ long to cover the taping wire.




Step 10:

Snip off the end of the extra wires


Step 11:

Take a good picture of your boutonniere and share with everyone!!!


Now it’s your turn! Get your tools, find your ingredients, and learn a new skill to make your day more interesting and fun!

Please post a picture of your DIY boutonniere to our Facebook Wall and have a chance to win a $10 Starbucks gift card!

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