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Flowers For Any Occasion - Your Spring Floral Gift Guide

Flowers For Any Occasion - Your Spring Floral Gift Guide

March 28, 2023


Flowers make a great gift. A finely crafted arrangement can capture a mood and suit any occasion. Flowers carry emotion and meaning with the right colours, textures, blooms and style. They change the ambiance of any room and are a visual and aromatic reminder that someone cares. Flowers also last longer than chocolates or donuts and have no dietary restrictions. With the abundance of local blooms currently available, spring is a popular time to gift flowers. Spring is also a season of fresh starts and celebrations. Here are some tips for the best type of flowers to give for every occasion, this spring. 

New Business or New Office

Potted orchids are a great office flower. They’re a much more resilient plant than many people realize. With a little light and some periodic watering they’ll last a long time without much maintenance. Orchids won't grow too large but if you’re a keen office gardener they can be repotted. They also enjoy the consistent temperature of an office - not too hot, not too cold. A classic white orchid will complement and enhance any office decor. Whether it’s a new business, a new job or a desk in a shared office space, orchids are a great choice. 



New House 

To congratulate a new home, a potted plant is our recommendation. Especially if the new home owner or renter has a garden they can plant in and have the plant grow for years to come. Daffodils, hyacinth or tulips are lovely spring blooms that will grow well inside in a pot during spring. When they’re finished blooming, the pot can go outdoors or somewhere sunny. Keep watering them and the foliage will continue to grow. Bulbs can then be saved and planted back in the pot or outside in the fall in time to make a natural reappearance for the following spring season. This choice is the gift that keeps on giving!




Tulips are the most popular choice for Easter flower gifting. A brightly coloured bunch of tulips is the perfect compliment to any brunch or Easter event. They’re a classic flower, known to represent unconditional love. Tulips are also synonymous with spring and new beginnings. A reminder that tulips love fresh water so are happiest in a vase where water is topped up or refreshed every day or two. 

New baby 

Newborns are high maintenance so your gift can’t be. New parents love flowers and they’re home a lot to enjoy them. But, whatever you do, give those flowers in a vase, not as a bunch. New parents don’t have the time or capability to find a vase and arrange the bouquet. On little sleep they may forget the water! We also recommend low maintenance flowers like roses. Pastels, soft yellows, blush pinks or light blue tones with white roses make a beautiful arrangement that will last well and require little attention. 


 New love 

To impress a new love in your life, go big! Even if your budget isn’t huge, our designers have strategies for creating a full, bountiful bouquet sure to impress. Ample greenery like eucalyptus, focal flowers like ranunculus, peonies and daffodils capture the attention and draw the eyes in. Some fragrant additions such as freesias and sweet peas will have your love feeling extra special. Tell our designers some favourite colours or if there are any flowers your special someone has mentioned and we’ll create a unique arrangement just for them. And don’t wait for a special occasion to give flowers; the ‘just because’ bouquet shows you're always thinking of your love. 



Flowers can be of great comfort in times of sorrow and sympathy. Gifting flowers already in a vase is hugely appreciated during times of grief. We recommend low maintenance, simple, and beautiful arrangements with the option of a feature colour if it feels meaningful. Flowers offer comfort and show the care and love that words can’t capture during periods of grief. 


Bridal Showers 

Before summer weddings come spring bridal showers! Flowers are the most desirable decor at any bridal shower. Soft whites and pastels or bright, bold blooms enunciate the theme and vibe of the occasion. Stunning centrepieces make a statement alongside food spreads or gift tables while detailed table arrangements offer texture and freshness. Smaller arrangements in jewel tones make great prizes for bridal shower games and of course, the bride takes home a stunning arrangement to let the festivities live on. If a wedding theme has been set, flowers can give guests a taste of what’s to come on the big day. 

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