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From Farm to Vase

From Farm to Vase

August 09, 2023


While there’s a certain excitement to a flower auction, there’s nothing quite like bringing fresh cut blooms straight from the farm to the studio and into design. Our team at Garden Party Flowers first met Susan Bennett from Daisy’s Blooms at a flower auction training session. As we listened to her thoughtful questions, she sparked our interest as a grower we wanted to know more about. As we’ve built a relationship with owner Susan and her CEO Daisy, the Dachshund we’ve developed a collaborative partnership we’re really excited to expand nurture through the upcoming growing seasons. 

Daisy’s Blooms is a boutique flower farm in South Delta BC about 35 kilometres from Garden Party Flowers’ Vancouver studio. This owner to owner relationship between Susan and Genevieve has strengthened and evolved over weekly meetings and discussions of unique varieties, seasonal blooms and special floral favourites. We already see the value of this farm to vase arrangement as Daisy’s Blooms are the longest lasting flowers in our fridge. They’re looking vibrant for 3-5 days longer than many of the varieties we buy from wholesalers at auction. We love knowing we have some of the best local flowers available to us, straight from the source. 

At Daisy’s Blooms we aren’t competing for the brightest, freshest blooms, they are hand cut for us on request. While we appreciate the abundance and choice of floral retailers and wholesalers at our auctions, with Susan we can plan ahead and provide direction on what flowers she plants for each season. We can make our requests and plan our own season and trademark arrangements. This is a privilege in an industry like florals where so many factors are at stake with what flowers are available to designers. We also love seeing flowers grow from seed to bloom right before our eyes. 

Some of our favourite of Susan’s blooms are sweet peas which can be challenging to get and are often imports. Another favourite are bright, bold zinnias which she grows in many different shades. Seeing Susan’s flowers in arrangements by our talented designers is a perfect pairing. 

Susan’s furry CEO Daisy plays a vital role in her business and our partnership. Daisy is always ready to greet our team on arrival at the farm. She offers valuable input and approving sniffs as we select our fresh cut blooms. We appreciate the opportunity to work so closely with another local, female (and canine) owned business. We look forward to strengthening our relationship with Daisy’s Blooms as both of our local businesses continue to grow and thrive. 

Find out which markets Daisy’s Blooms are at by visiting their instagram page or send us a message and see which of Daisy’s Blooms we have available or upcoming. These local, bright, fresh blooms will enhance any event table or make a perfect gift arrangement. Susan’s market trailer is also available to rent for your own events. It’s equipped with running water and can be used as a bar, food service station, flower shop, decor, anything creative you can think of! Check out the website and get in touch at  

To find out which of Susan’s blooms we have available, get in touch with our team of florists at Garden Party Flowers.