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Fuelled by Kindness

Fuelled by Kindness

May 30, 2011


There are a lot of exceptional and fulfilling things about working in the floral industry. You get to be surrounded by beautiful blooms all day long, taking in their fresh scents. You get to flex your creative muscles and challenge the norm, coming up with new and exciting designs. But one of the most fulfilling things that I have noticed is that our business is essentially fuelled by kindness. And in a time where money makes the world go round, and where nothing but bad news seems to be reported on, it’s really wonderful to be reminded that everyday people out there are still doing good things.

When you think about it, we rely on the kindness of others to make our business thrive. People send flowers for birthdays, when they could just send an email. People send flowers to tell their partners they love them, or to send kind wishes to someone who’s lost a loved one. And sometime they send flowers just because. We are more than aware that cut flowers are delicate and have a finite life span, they can only last so long. That fact alone makes it all the more special that someone is using their hard earned money to make someone else’s day.

Every single day our customers are calling us to help them tell someone else they care, help them make someone’s day a little brighter or to help celebrate a new life! Personally these are my favourite, I love the new baby orders. I love being reminded that any day of the week could be the first day of someone’s life, and I get to be a little tiny part of that. I always try to put an extra special touch on the new baby arrangements, because I can only imagine what a momentous day it is when someone becomes a parent and welcomes their new baby to the world.

New Baby Girl

Maybe I’m feeling a little nostalgic because I just celebrated my birthday, and it was a fabulous sunny day flooded with kind words from friends and family, gifts (specifically an adorable pair of shoes from my boyfriend) and cake all to celebrate me and the day I arrived. I got to be on the receiving end of all that love. It reminded me how thankful I am to have such lovely people in my life, and how grateful I am that I work in an industry that gets to be a part of making someone else’s day, celebrating their accomplishments and letting them know that they are loved.

So that’s why I say our business is fuelled by kindness. What’s yours fuelled by?

Boho-Themed Bouquet For Summer Photoshoot

Boho-Themed Bouquet For Summer Photoshoot

August 22, 2020

We were recently given the opportunity to design a stunning 'Boho-themed' hand tied bouquet for one of Abbotsford's local photographers, Sandy Sekhon's summer shoot! This bouquet was made to feel simple and light, filled with movement and bright tones. The finished product is beyond gorgeous, and we are so proud...