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How to care for flowers in your home during the hot Vancouver summer

How to care for flowers in your home during the hot Vancouver summer

July 20, 2023


We’ve all noticed that summers in Vancouver seem to be heating up. Earlier this summer, Environment and Climate Change Canada predicted higher temperatures and drier conditions than BC generally sees. While these warmer temperatures definitely bring a summer vibe to the city, they can impact flowers in our homes and offices. Here are some tips for keeping your flowers looking good despite warmer temperatures outside and in. 

  • Choose local blooms 
  • Local blooms like dahlias and zinnias are fresher and require less transport so are bound to last longer than imported flowers during the hot summer months. Our designers love BC’s local flowers and will use as many as possible in our Designer’s Choice Bouquets

  • Re-cut daily 
  • Trimming flower stems every 1-2 days will ensure your blooms stay fresher looking for longer. Remove wilting stems, dead leaves or buds and if needed, reduce the size of your vase. This practice will have you enjoying various iterations of your flowers for a week or more. 

  • Keep it cool (and away from the fruit) 
  • We often place flowers on a table near a window which for much of the year is a great place to have them. In summer we recommend keeping your flowers in a shaded area of your home when you’re not enjoying them. Bring them to sunnier spots if that’s where you’re spending time but otherwise the cooler and more temperate your buds and blooms can stay, the longer they’ll last.  

    Also, don’t place your vase near your fruit bowl! Many popular fruits, including apples and bananas, shorten the flower life. Fruits produce high levels of ethylene, a gas that interferes with the production of ethylene in flowers and ages them. 

  • Water regularly 
  • Changing the water in your vase daily or when you trim flower stems will keep them hydrated, smelling nice and your vase looking cleaner, for longer. You can either change out the whole vase or add a top up between changes if there isn’t time to replace water daily. 

  • Spritz 
  • Keeping petals and buds moist will make your flowers happy when temperatures creep up past comfort levels. Offering a fine mist or spritz from a spray bottle helps keep colours vibrant and thirsty flowers fresher for longer. 

  • Avoid the breeze 
  • If you have a fan or air conditioned going, keep your flowers a safe distance away. The breeze puts pressure on those delicate petals and will cause them to age quicker than if they’re left somewhere they can avoid the breeze. 

  • Robust Roses 
  • If you’re looking for a flower that will look and smell great no matter what the weather, the hearty rose is our pick. Whether imported or locally grown, roses travel well, are easy to care for and they last. Our rose bouquets can work well with local flowers added or on their own. Add notes for our designers if you have a specific style in mind or need especially long lasting flowers that can withstand summer heat. 

    Local blogger, Vanessa Choot from Modern Mix Vancouver, enjoys having fresh flowers in her home all year round.

    “Flowers add a fresh burst of colour to my home during every season,” she shares. Collaborating with Vancouver florists, like our team at Garden Party, Vanessa understands how to get the most beautiful blooms. “My best tip when working with a florist is to share my inspiration and what I like (colours, styles, place settings or outfits I want to match with) and let them do their thing. Offering professional florists the freedom to create something with their expertise and experience always gets beautiful results.” 

    Photo credit: @jjosuephotography