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Learn to Make a Gorgeous Wreath, Start to Finish

December 15, 2009


Big and Beautiful Wreath

This year we decided to make our own wreaths by hand, we feel they smell extra awesome and we are able to make a custom size depending on our clients request.

What you’ll need

Scissors, pliers, floral wire, and a wreath frame.

Wreath Tools

Evergreens: Pine, Cedar, Fir Silver, Kochea, Silver leucadendron, eucalyptus.

Wreath Evergreens

Step 1: Make a mini Xmas evergreen bouquet…..

Step 2 After making mini evergreen bouquets, we can add in more unique flowers such as silver leucadendrons and eucalyptus

Step 3 After making mini evergreen bouquet and additional silver flowers, we can start to attach each bunch on the wreath frame

Step 4 Keep on adding evergreen bunches……

Step 5 Keeping on adding until it forms a perfect circle!

Step 6 Enjoy the holidays, the family, and the spirit

I'll be home for Xmas

Enjoy the process of designing! Create and Share! (Jung shan Amy Hu 2009)

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