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Simple Glam

September 12, 2010


Want to learn how to mix and match, and glamorize? Check out this week’s blog to find out different ways you can transform a few of your favorite flowers into a classy and eye-catching item.

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Hello all GPF blog readers, I’m sure all of you out there have tried to design your own custom-made bouquet just because, or for a family member or friend. Many times, you will find that it can be difficult to start especially when there are so many gorgeous flowers to pick from. Here, I can give you a few pointers as to how to start building your own floral design and accessorize it, too!

1) Pick a few flowers with harmonious tones- such as orange + yellow, pink + purple, white + green, red + pink, etc. Or you could just stick with one color as well. The reason behind this is because too many colors within one bouquet can distract the eye and take away from a clean design.

2) Pick any greenery that you like and place them around your flowers as needed (but remember to place them slightly below the blooms so the flowers can be the centre of attention!)

3) Secure the bouquet in your hand with a rubber band.

4) If you want to place the bouquet in a clear vase, I’d pick a neutral colored ribbon that is at least one inch in width and evenly wrap the stems to cover the mid-portion where the rubber band is showing.

5) Fill up the vase with water until the bottom ends of the bouquet is submerged in water (but not too much that it soaks the ribbon!)

Glam Methods:

* Pinning something sparkly in the centre of the flowers (best used on roses and gerberas)

* Using quality tissue paper to frame the bouquet

* Adding small amounts of glitter to add light reflections

* Adding non-floral items such as bookmarks, postcards (or any card), photos, candies, cinnamon sticks, and if you really want girly…lipsticks! To include these directly into the bouquet, you could first secure them on a strong stick (bamboo or just a branch will do), and hide the tape or wire with moss or ribbons. This kind of dressing up can make your bouquet even more personal and customized without spending too much extra money.

I hope this blog will help you become a designer when you walk in a flower shop and make your calls on color, shape, length and presentation style!

Till next time,

The Flower Shop Girl

On behalf of Garden Party Flowers, I hope you have found this blog helpful. Feel free to comment- your voice matters to us and will be highly appreciated!

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