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Top 5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

January 24, 2011


Vancouver Valentines Day Flowers

Even though Valentine’s day is still a few weeks away, we are getting lots of advanced Valentine’s orders from our well prepared customer’s.

Valentine’s Day is special so let’s make this year different and do something fun and thoughtful. - I hate Valentine's Day unless you'd like to be my date

Here are 5 winning ideas we have for you:

1. Capture the Memory

Rose Photo Frame

This design is inspired when one of my photo frames dropped from my shelf, the glass shattered, but the  frame is still in perfect shape. I then took the photo frame and designed a rose garden in the photo frame.

2) Dress me up

Pack me up and undress me

You can design a spectacular floral arrangement in any kind of container. Bring in your container and we will help you to brainstorm good ideas!

3) Black Swan Inspired Valentine’s Designs


Black Swan

4) DIY

We offer a one on one valentine’s flower class on February 8, 9, and 10. Please book your class before January 28, 2011. You can make your own bouquet or arrangement for your loved one. We can store and keep your design safe and fresh in our cooler until VDAY. Make your loved one special by designing something “personal” made by YOU.

One on One Session: 1 VIP/ Day First come first serve

Time: 7:15- 8:15PM

Fee: Flower cost

What to bring?

  • Tell us your love story
  • If you want an arrangement, please bring a container such as a vase or buy one from us
  • Optional: Other meaningful items such as pictures, ring, candy, ect…

5) Pick from our Valentine’s Day Collection


Check out our Valentine’s Day Inspired Photo Gallery for more ideas.

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