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Our Airbnb Amsterdam Experience

Our Airbnb Amsterdam Experience

June 28, 2012


Ever heard of Airbnb? If you have and never tried it before, check out our latest blog post to read about our recent experience with them.

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I really wanted to try Airbnb on our last trip to Europe when we went to Frankfurt to attend the Christmasworld Trend show.

Airbnb is a like a really nice looking “vacation rentals” section of the online classifieds website, craigslist. It includes features such as reviews, star ratings given by guests and the ability to pay and book the room from within the website.

Why I didn’t end up booking last year, was because I really needed to have a fast and reliable internet connection so we would buy flowers from the Burnaby flower auction remotely. I wasn’t sure if the places that were up for rent would have this and there would be no one to ask if internet was down or slow.

For this trip however, I had a neat little and portable device that gave me access to the internet anywhere.

If the Airbnb room had internet, it would be a bonus, if not, it was OK since we had the wifi egg, it gave us great peace of mind.

After going through pages and pages of listings, I finally found one that was in a great location and had all the requirements I was looking for. I really only had 3 requirements.

  1. Nice washroom
  2. Washer / Dryer
  3. Close to public transit and good restaurants

This place definitely exceeded our requirements and expectations.

It took us only minutes to get comfortable and feel like home. There were several flower shops within a 5 minute walking distance to buy flowers, so Amy couldn’t wait to decorate our new residence for the week.

My first experience with AirBnB was great and I will be considering them again for my future stays when travelling abroad. It was an entirely different experience to bring groceries home to stock the fridge, clean our clothes after over a week of travelling through London and Belgium, and sitting out on the balcony to enjoy a fresh cup of European coffee in the mornings.

The price of this place was just slightly more expensive then the hotel we had to book when we had to stay an extra night. However, the Airbnb rental was 10 times larger, more convenient and way nicer.

The post Our Airbnb Amsterdam Experience appeared first on Garden Party Flowers.

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