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Valentine’s Day Flower Choosing Tips

Valentine’s Day Flower Choosing Tips

February 10, 2014


Valentine's Day Flower Buying Tips and Ideas

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Valentine’s Day is officially less than a week away. Of course we don’t need to wait until Valentine’s day, to give your loved one something nice that will make her or his day! But having that extra thought on Valentine’s day will give you some extra points!

How do you choose the best flowers for your loved one on Valentine’s day?  
Read on and relax, we’ve got plenty of ideas here!

Most girls are not complicated! For me personally, I am just hoping my loved one is really observant!

Tip 1: Take Notes

Order red roses only if you are 100% sure that she or he loves red roses!! If they have ever mentioned a particular flower, write it down somewhere. I highly recommend checking out the Evernote App to save those notes and help you remember. A few weeks prior to Valentine’s Day, pull up that note you saved, pre-order a bouquet or arrangement with those flowers to make sure the florist has them for you, then surprise her with particular flowers she or he loves!

Here are some flowers and plants that are very popular, so now you know what they look like if your loved one mentions them.

Garden Roses


Calla Lilies



Tip 2: What colour does she like? 
If you don’t currently know, you can be very observant to find out what colour she likes.

What colour clothing does she usually wear?
What colour nail polish is she usually wearing?
What colour lipstick does she use? Dress? Shoes? 

Finding out your love one’s favourite colour is very important. You want to give her good surprise when you send them flowers, not a shocking one.

For example, let’s say your special someone is very elegant and romantic who usually wears pastel colours. If you surprise her with a bouquet of red carnations with baby’s breath at her work, she will be shocked and speechless.

If you try something soft and pretty like garden roses and lisianthus, she will be pleasantly surprised and happy!

Pastel Lover


Red lover

Peach Lover

Tip 3: What style does she like?

Style and personality is highly correlated! Floral arrangements have many different styles too!

Stylish and modern: simple and monochromatic:

Trendy and shabby chic:

Natural and Rustic

Romantic and elegant vintage

Fun and bright:

If they are adventurous or love to travel might like airplants because they are easy to take care of.

If you live outside of Vancouver, check out the Air Plant Terrarium website GARDENPARTYPLANTS.COM

For those whose girlfriends are originally from China, Taiwan, or Hong Kong, you can try something a bit more fancy and with a bling bling style!  Most of our Asian clients have requested this style this Valentine’s Day!

Hurry and order now, February 14th is almost here and we usually sell out before Valentine’s Day!

The post Valentine’s Day Flower Choosing Tips appeared first on Garden Party Flowers.

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