From Fall to Spring – Classes at Garden Party Flowers Pt. 1

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Fall 2015- As you may have heard classes are in session! Though this may not be your regular day to day class, so far it has been, without a doubt, an extraordinary learning experience for both students and their instructor.

Garden Party Flowers - Work shop

Ode to Autumn
Ode to Autumn – Part 2

Before our wonderful guests were due to arrive, we prepared for the afternoon by adding the finishing touches our industrial design studio using only our finest decor, featuring  refreshments from our favourite shops and decorating with floating candles and grand floral arrangements.


Garden of refreshments

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22120900018_264fbf0392_k (1)

The rich smells of Cinnamon Chai -thanks to Teavana’s Tea shop– and the creamiest flavoured cream puffs -from our well known chocolatier neighbour, Beta 5– intertwines with the floral scents of our shop, adding an intriguing taste to the evening. Not only does it bring life and energy to the workshops at Garden Party Flowers, but leaves you with an unforgettable moment to experience art, nature, and foster a lifelong appreciation for floral design.

Class 2015

One by one our guests started to arrive in the early afternoon, and the room sparkled with beauty, serenity and excitement. As soon as everyone began to settle down, Claire, our wonderful instructor, began to introduce herself to the class, she talked about her experiences, her love for flowers, her inspiration, and her story, of how she began her flower journey.

Claire - Instructor

Claire- Instructor

Ode to Autumn – Part 2

Claire enlightened everyone about what floral design is really about, emphasizing the fun, and creative energy it takes when learning. She began the class getting everyone to share a little bit about themselves, and what inspired them to participate in an afternoon of creativity.



Ode to Autumn – Part 2

Ode to Autumn -Part 1

The Fundamental Basics : Hand-tie Bouquets

Having everyone feeling more at ease, comfortable and excited, Claire began talking about the basics of design, the steps it takes to create the final product. To make the transition of designing easier to understand, a demonstration of an arrangement is shown to the students. Claire believes that this transition in the presentation of designing helps individuals get a better understanding of the steps and to focus on the overall arranging of flowers.

Ode to Autumn – Part 1

Ode to Autumn – Part 2

The Fundamental Basics: Hand-tie Bouquet

As the demo progresses, the results of the arrangement begins to take shape. Questions are asked and the reasoning behind it is shared. All it really takes is patience, practice, the proper tools, and best ingredients, and of course inspiration!


Ode to Autumn -Part 1

Ode to Autumn -Part 2


The Fundamental Basics: Hand-tie Bouquet

As the final product starts to appear, the room is filled with exhilaration. Now it’s time to turn the tables and have the students take the clippers!

The Fundamental Basics: Hand-tie Bouquet

Upon entering the cooler, students learn the names of each type of flower that we specifically carry all year round in our store, as well as flowers that are in season and flowers which we have chosen specifically for our guests. The fun has just begun and everyone starts the first steps to basic floral design.

Ode to Autumn – Part 1




The Fundamental Basics: Hand-tie Bouquet

As the room is filled with inspiration, ideas begin to flow, flowers and colours begin to compliment each other. Everyone’s idealistic way of thinking is put onto one side, and inner creativity is brought out.

Ode to Autumn – Part 1

22285254556_8c11a94c3c_k (1)
Ode to Autumn – Part 2

The Fundamental Basics: Hand-tie Bouquet

Ode to Autumn – Part 2




Ode to Autumn – Part 1

Capturing all of these wonderful photos while walking around the room, I can’t help but notice the expression and the personality starting to show in each of the arrangements. As a florist myself, I am so used to subconsciously creating without thinking too much about arranging. It’s still lots of fun for me, but it’s always much more fun for someone who has never really expressed their creative side through flowers. That’s the beauty of these classes, people become more in touch with themselves and become aware of what they are capable of making. Something that may have started off as a rough idea, transitioned and morphed into something that was once unimaginable for the student.

22391296637_1a1e4c39a4_k (1)


Ode to Autumn –  Part 2

The Fundamental Basics : Hand-tie Bouquet

The Final Product – As the class comes to an end, the finished arrangement is shown and displayed. Everyone shares the moment and curiously walks around the room in interest to see what had inspired others around them. The best part of creating an arrangement is the final results of the person receiving the flowers. In this case, it was the person making it! The results were astonishing, everyone had a sense of accomplishment knowing that they were able to create something unique with their own two hands, and some beautiful ingredients.

The Fundamental Basics: Hand-tie Bouquet – Demonstation Flowers Completed

Ode to Autumn -Part 1 – Students Completed Arrangements










Thank you everyone who came to share an afternoon with us at Garden Party Flowers, and a special thanks to Claire who made it all happen!!

As the fall season came to an end,  a new season has just begun. Stay tuned as we will be sharing our wonderful workshop classes this Spring Season. We hope to see you there!!

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