She wears flowers in her hair…

How-to, News November 1, 2013

There’s something so whimsical and carefree about wearing flowers in your hair. Maybe it comes from all those hippies who sported flower crowns in the 60’s, or maybe it reminds you of making daisy chains in the school yard at recess, or even simply tucking a bloom behind your ear while on a tropical vacation.

In any case, I am a big fan of hair flowers. Maybe you remember this post  where I proclaimed my love of accessories in general. It’s also become a pretty big trend in weddings for the bride to wear a crown or to have her bridesmaids adorned with crowns of flowers or a few blooms in their hair. See below for a few photos of some previous floral hair accessories I’ve created.

This one was made with a hair comb, which I attached flowers to, and as you can see could be worn on the side or at the back of the head:


Here are 2 different types of crowns, one is a bit more floral heavy and the other is simple made with curly willow and delicate wax flowers:


A flower crown was even part of my recent Halloween costume! Inspired by the video for Katy Perry’s recent super catchy hit Roar, I went as a sort of Queen of the Jungle type of thing, which of course required a crown of tropical flowers. For this one I used a flexible branch that had some wispy greens on it as the base and attached the orchids directly to it.

And last but not least we decided to create a little video to show you how to make a flower crown of your own! There are many different ways to go about making one of these pretty little things, but I find the technique I use in the video to be the easiest.


How To Make A Beautiful Floral Crown from Garden Party Flowers on Vimeo.

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